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I just posted this on the message board in response to “A Dearest Post I Treasure“.

I just listened to again, and reread the words.

Dearest was such a special person.  When I first learned that she had died, I went around the website collecting things like the bio page.  I couldn’t save it with the sound for some reason, so I played it and recorded it with my phone so I could listen to her talking whenever I wanted.

That page has some cleanup to do.  The header is a bit off.  I’ll get to it – sometime.

But go and read the words with your speakers turned up.

You’ll be glad you did!


Posted October 11, 2013 by MaryO in In Memory, Message Boards

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3 responses to “Dearest’s Bio Page

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  1. A response from the message boards:

    I sit here tears in my lil bug eyes I never had the pleasure of speaking to Dearest and just hearing her voice right now was so amazing and kind of gave me closure to trying to find out why we lost her why she isn’t here I know now she has her gift now from above and that is in Gods loving arms that no other love could compare to the closet would probably be one of a mother holding a child in her arms.

    Thank you for sharing this I will treasure it and so will so many others.

    God bless you Dearest God bless you Mary O,

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