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The Weirdest Thing…   1 comment


The day of Alice’s funeral September 4, 2013, we had a beautiful butterfly just waiting outside the front door when I took our dog out.

I have never seen a butterfly like this – no one here in Virginia has seen anything like this either and I never saw it again. It just sat there on the flower pot and “posed” for this picture. I like to think it was Alice saying goodbye to me.


So here it is, 4 years later.  Another anniversary of Alice’s funeral.

I took my mom to Walmart.  When I got back, I was counting the items to put in the freezer.  I counted 5 but knew I bought 6.  I counted again.  Still 5.

I went back out to the car to see if it had fallen under the seat.  Nope.

When I was coming back in, there was Alice’s butterfly again.  It was flitting about and I couldn’t get an image this time but the message was clear to me.

When I got in, I checked the receipt – I did buy 6.  Back to the freezer and there were 6 frozen dinners.

Thank you again for the butterfly message.  It made me sad but also hopeful for the future.

Alice, I love you and will miss you always…


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