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Dearest started this long ago on the original website.  If anyone comments from the Message Boards, I’ll add it here, and vice versa.


An Ongoing Story and You Are The Author

Any woman visiting the Power Surge Web site has more than enough “reality” to cope with by virtue of the fact that she’s going through menopause. Being hormonally challenged is enough to depress anyone. It’s been my experience that in order to survive this difficult transition, it’s helpful to become involved in creative work, hobbies, good music, books, and an occasional. . . adventure.

This can be your adventure. I’ll get the story started if you promise to help write it — Dearest.


This paragraph is by Dearest     As was the case so many nights, Sara found herself awake at 3 in the morning. Sara Basset, 49 years of age, her children grown and living on their own, had become somewhat disillusioned with the life she was leading. Her husband was so completely immersed in his work, he hardly knew she was alive. She sometimes thought his newfound workaholism might have been due in part to the fact that she rarely felt well. She had left a prestigious, stressful job because she couldn’t cope with the demands of the workplace and menopause at the same time. Her efforts to fall back asleep had been futile. By the time Sara put down the book she’d been reading, she realized it was 6 am. Her husband had already left for his office. Sara decided to take a long drive by herself. She needed to think. To regroup. A change of scenery might improve her attitude. After leaving the city, she found herself driving along lonely country roads. She noticed a small path heading in a different direction, but it wasn’t wide enough for her car. Sara left the car and proceeded down the path on foot. Sara had been walking nearly an hour when the wonderful country breeze was tempered by a sudden crash of thunder. She noticed a cabin in the distance. Dare she enter someone else’s private property? Maybe it was an abandoned cabin? She would only take refuge until the rain passed.Sara decided to ….


This paragraph is by MaryO     …go closer. After all, there were no signs of life about at all. This place could be just what Sara needed – somewhere to be by herself, to regroup, to get out of the light rain that was starting to fall. Sara got closer and peered through the windows. It looked like no one had been here for a very long time. Gingerly trying the door, Sara was surprised to find that the door pushed open easily. Sara went in and took a quick look around. She was amazed to see…


This paragraph is by Robert     …the place was empty, but obviously had not been s for long. In fact, she could still pick up the faint scent of something sweet. Sara’s eyes fell upon the bed. Half of it was lightly messed. One person is staying in the cabin. Sara turned with a start when a board creaked behind her. Standing in the doorway was the cabin’s occupant. He was breathing hard and soaking wet. His mind was obviously somewhere else. He didn’t realize that he wasn’t alone until after he had peeled off his wet shirt. Sara took a quick breath when his eyes met hers. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but nothing came out. He just stood there looking at her the way that her husband used to look at her twenty years ago. Finally she said….


This paragraph is by Ana     “Excuse me young man, I’m sorry to startle you.” “That’s alright, ma’am,” he said, reaching for a towel and drying himself off. “I was looking for a place to rest from the storm.” She watched as the handsome youngster pulled a dry shirt over his head. “My car got stuck – I just need to stay out of the storm for awhile.” He smiled at her. “Randy, Randy Aliceson,” he said and reached out to shake her hand. “Well, ma’am, you’ve come to the right place. There are several cabins in this retreat, and I know there is one available. My mother runs this retreat. I’ll introduce her to you, but first let me show you the cabin that’s available.” In less than a half hour she’d rented the cabin from Randy’s mother, a woman about her age. She now was standing alone in the middle of a rustic cabin. There was a small bed, a fireplace, a desk with a pile of paper and pen, a small radio. The small kitchen area was fully stocked. There was a small jacuzzi on the deck. The tiny bureau had just enough clothing for her, including a swim suit. The rain had stopped and the night was clear and starry. She stood on the balcony next to the whirling jacuzzi, and looked out into the still of the evening. She’d sent a note to her husband through Alice Aliceson. She would have a whole week to be here by herself. Alice had told her this retreat would start filling up, with other women in their 40’s and older. There would be time to be alone, and time to meet with others if she wanted. This week was hers and hers alone. She could plan it to suit her needs. She smiled, then turned and…..

This paragraph is by Ana     “I’m sorry…did I startle you?” “A little,” the young man said, beginning to towel himself dry.” “I didn’t mean to. I came in here because of the weather, and I’m a little lost.” Sara looked around her. “What a wonderful place. This is just the kind of place I’d like to find for myself.” “Well, ma’am,” the young man said, “this may be your lucky evening.” he pulled a clean, dry sweater over his head, then reached out his hand. “Oh, I’m sorry, my name is Randy…Randy Aliceson,” he said. Sara shook his hand and introduced herself. “What do you mean this might be my lucky evening?” she asked. “This cabin is just one of several out here – they’re situated so you can’t see one from the other, so you feel like you’re all alone. This is a retreat for women. I’m the groundkeeper – my mom owns the retreat. I happen to know that all of the cabins are rented for the week but one.” Sara’s head spun. She felt a mixture of feelings she hadn’t felt in a long time – excitement, fear, joy, and hope. How did she manage to find this place? Or did it find her? “Can I talk to someone about renting the last cabin?” she asked. Half an hour later she was standing alone in a rustic cabin, similar to the one she’d stumbled on before. There was a gas lamp, a wood burning stove, a small bed, a large wooden table with a stack of papers and pens, a small kitchenette area, and an armoire stocked with clothing in several sizes, including bathing suits. Off of the kitchenette was a small balcony. There was a one person jacuzzi on the balcony – Randy had started it before he left her alone. “Now, it seems like you’re alone, but remember there are going to be people all around,” he’d told her. “We all meet for breakfast in the main house at 8 a.m., but you can eat here, too.” His mother, Alice, had told her about the menopause support group that was starting tomorrow. She could join in to any or all of it, or stay to herself. Whatever she wanted. “Whatever I want,” Sara thought as she stood out on the balcony. The rain had stopped and the sky was clear now. Through the darkness she could see the outline of trees overhead, and a few stars twinkled down. “Whatever I want,” she said outloud. The sweep of emotions she’d felt earlier came back, and her eyes filled with tears. “I know just what I want to do right now…” she turned slowly and…..


This paragraph is by Alison Archambault      Sara walked back into the cabin and closed the door. The cabin was silent. She wanted silence, blessed silence; she wanted to hear her own thoughts, her own needs, her own dreams. In the simplicity of the cabin, there would be space and time to rediscover herself again. No never ending numbers of errands, no taking care of someone else’s needs; just space and time to herself. She walked over to the bed, turned around and slowely sat down on the edge. She let herself lie back, feeling the bed supporting her body. She took a deep breath and let herself relax; her feet, her calves, her thighs, her bottom, her back, her shoulders, her arms, her hands and finally her face, all relaxing, all relaxed. Another deep breath, then breathing softly, deeply, Sara fell asleep.


This paragraph is by Debbie     As Sara Went To Sleep, she thought of all the wonderful times that she and her husband and family had spent time together. She ask herself, “who is this woman, that I have become throughout these menopausal years?” I do not even know myself, she keeps wondering over and over, how can I expect my husband and family to understand the things that I am going through. I don’t even understand myself right now. Sara, remembered all the good times and the trips that her family had taken when the children were growing up. She could feel everyone slipping away from her. Trying to face reality without going in sane. Sara, kept wondering about all of the symptoms that she was having and how they were running her life! Which at this time her life had stopped in so many ways. At this point she was so upset she felt as though her life was over. She would look at her husband of 25 years, asking herself over and over, why am i married? Sara’s life was falling apart and she was at her wit’s end! Her husband could tell that she was very upset and held her in his arms and talked to her with those loving and caring eyes. Immediately, as they talked things out and all that she was going through she knew then why they had been married for so long. They had become one as one heart beating, as a single breath being drawn. They were so close that having these feelings hurt not just one person but two people. Her husband kissed her hand each time they were together. He would kiss her in passing from one room to the next. Her husband, John Paul wanted to give his wife more to do to keep her occupied while he worked just long hours. So she would have something to do with her time when she would be so lonely. He bought her a computer to go to all different lands and to talk with others about her symptoms of menopause. She researched as much information as she possibly could. Finally, she found Power Surge and felt so much better. She knew then that she was not alone. Sara, told John Paul about all of the wonderful information that she had found on menopause. The symptoms of menopause, all 34 symptoms, how she was not alone, others were going through the same thing and how much better she was feeling. At this time her husband looked into her eyes and told her, “I will be by your side, together we can handle anything.” During this they hugged and kissed. Looking so adorely into each others eyes, as often happened since they were so close, they said at the same time to each other…”I LOVE YOU!” They knew that as long as they had each other that their marriage and their future would be happily ever after, just like a fairy tale. Sara, knew that with the Power Surge chats and boards to post her feelings whenever she needed to talk with someone that their would always be someone online to vent to. Even to ask Dearest or Piano Mary, Loracura, or Thrv Sue any question that she had or needed information on anytime. Sara, believed in herself again and her life was worth living. All the feelings of rage and sleepless nights were tolerable, since she understood her feelings and her body. Her family understood that their was a reason for her behavior! Her husband wanted to be with her as much as before. Sara, and her husband had once again thought of each other as one, as a best friend, lover, and soul mate. Sara, would often think of how silly everything she had put her family through. Often she would think about if I had acted upon certain feelings, how different my life would have been. I would have been miserable for the rest of my life! Smiling about how great her life was and having a loving husband to stand by her. She knew so many women whose husband’s had left them during the time of menopause. These men did not want to take the time to know or understand what was happening. Instead, walking out seemed to work for them. It was much easier than taking the time to show their love and support for the wife that had spent years raising the family with their partner. Now, to stand by just her while she needed him most was alot to ask of some husbands. Sara, was so fortunate to have a responsible, kind and gentle man, that was so loving and supportive of her! She counted her blessings each and every day! Sara was so happy that she realized that she could face anything as long as she knew what to expect and had the love of her husband and family. Family was everything to her and with there support she could get through. Whenever Sara is having a hot flash, she just tilts her head back and says, “I am just having a Power Surge.”


 This paragraph is by Dearest     …and knowing all this and having this support that she needed, still Sara couldn’t help but feel she needed to do something different, to embark on a different path, to explore some new territory, to make new friends. Who was this Randy Aliceson person? Why did he live alone in this cabin? How old was he? He had to be at least 40 and he was so attractive. Why would he hide himself away from everything here in this cabin far from the madding crowd? Sara looked back at where Randy was standing and said to him…..


This paragraph is by Ana     “Oh, Randy…I didn’t realize you were here!” “Sorry, ma’am,” he said, smiling at her. His dark brown eyes twinkled in a most inviting way. “Guess it was my turn to startle you.” For a moment their eyes locked, and Sara felt yet another feeling she thought she’d forgotten – desire. As the warmth filled her body, she was afraid she was having a hot flash. “Just wanted to make sure everything’s alright in here for you, ma’am,” Randy said. “Before I settle in for the night.” “Yes, Randy,” Sara said, “Everything seems to be fine, except….” “Except what, ma’am?” “Well…for one thing, I wish you’d stop calling me “ma’am’. My name is Sara, I think you might be old enough to call me that.” She laughed. “Sara,” he said, softly. “And I bet you’re not that much younger than I am…” Sara said, hoping he was closer to 40 than 30. “Thirty-eight,” he said, laughing. “I’ve always called the women who come to the retreat ‘ma’am’ – I’ve worked here winters and holidays since I was in my teens, and the women were a lot older than I was.” Randy’s eyes ran up and down Sara’s body. “But you look a lot me.” “Forty-something…” Sara grinned. “Is that all?” he asked, moving a step closer. “What?” Sara asked, as he burst out laughing. “No, I don’t mean your age! You look like an interesting woman – a mysterious woman – a beautiful woman, suddenly appearing in the night, in my cabin.” He paused. “What I meant that all I can do for you, stop calling you ma’am?” He took another step toward her. “Is there anything else I can do for you Sara?”


This paragraph is by Diana     Sara, her heart pounding , said ” I would appreciate it if you would put another log on the fire”. ” It would be my pleasure”, says Randy .with a twinkle in his eye. Sara couldnt help but notice his muscular build as he bent to rekindle the fire, and the longing to once again feel desired by a man was overwhelming. Randy, straightening up, turned and looking at Sara with longing in his eyes, asked if she would like to share a glass of wine with him. “That would be wonderful” said Sara. As they sat by the fire talking and sipping their wine, Randy reached over and began to gently stroke the side of her neck,her cheeks, and gently, oh so gently,pressed his lips on hers. Sara began to quiver – she knew it was wrong – but it was so wonderful to feel this desire again and she just couldnt help herself. She kissed Randy back, his kisses became more powerful,demanding and sensuous . She was tingling all over and never wanted him to stop.


This paragraph is by Sue     Sara’s heart was racing. All of her senses were alive! Slowly Randy’s hand began to loosen the buttons on her blouse, and with each button she found all of her doubts and hesitation fade. Tonight she felt so alive and ever so wanted. Summoning up a desire she had almost forgotten about, Sara kissed Randy back with increasing passion and urgency.


This paragraph is by Sue     Sara’s heart was racing. All of her senses were alive! Slowly Randy’s hand began to loosen the buttons on her blouse, and with each button she found all of her doubts and hesitation fade. Tonight she felt so alive and ever so wanted. Summoning up a desire she had almost forgotten about, Sara kissed Randy back with increasing passion and urgency.


This paragraph is by Dearest     Yes, with increasing passion and urgency… an urgency she hadn’t felt since her hysterectomy. “Randy, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be desired.. to be wanted the way a woman needs to be wanted. My recent hysterectomy didn’t help in that department, but YOU have made me feel like the woman I’ve always been… alive, exciting. Why, I was the Queen of Titillation among my circle of friends and suddenly I felt different, but YOU have evoked that passion in me that no hysterectomy could possibly take away. Randy, thank you for bringing back my ….


This paragraph is by Sue     …long lost passion.” Slowly Sara began to tell Randy her life story…the highs and the lows. “The lowest point in my life was this past week. Thirty years ago yesterday, I gave birth to a child I never got to see, a baby I gave up for adoption because I was not married and I was too young. I never even told my husband or other children about her, but every year on her birthday I silently sing to her and hope she is happy and healthy. Oh Randy, this year I just can’t stop thinking about her” and Sara collapsed into a torrent of tears.


This paragraph is by Dearest     Randy was taken aback. He paced in front of the fireplace (the wood had long since burned out, but he was so taken with Sara and her story, it didn’t occur to him that icicles were forming on the inside of the windows. No one ever said Randy was a rocket scientist, ya know). “Sara! Did you know that I have an adopted daughter whose birthday was last week?” Sara was puzzled. “Randy, what are you trying to say?” Randy suddenly started gazing over at a closed door. He looked back at Sara wondering, “No, this couldn’t be. How is it possible? Could such a coincidence truly occur? Could this child in the other room be Sara’s daughter?” Randy walked toward the door, looking back at Sara, who was staring at him in utter amazement. He reached for the knob on the door and opened it and…


This paragraph is by Dearest     Randy corrected himself. “Her birthday was yesterday. I forgot to take my Ginkgo and I forgot for a moment. Don’t you menopausal women carry that Ginkgo in your purses?” …


This paragraph is by MaryO     “Well”, said Sara, “we do when we remember. As a matter of fact, we carry lots of herbs (and sometimes spices) in our purses. Is there something else you need?” “Well”, Randy said, “at the moment I only need…”


This paragraph is by MaryO     “…to introduce you to my daughter, SaraLee.” Once again he started to open the door but Sara said “Wait! First I need you to…”


This paragraph is by Sue     Also meet my mother Faith”.. The door swung open and there stood Randy’s wife, a 30 year old mirror image of Sara herself! Sara gulped. Could this be the daughter she had given birth to all those years ago? The age was about right. Overcome by emotion, and suffering an embarassing major hot flash, Sara ran out of the cabin, and into the forest. “I can’t believe this is happening to me,” thought Sara. “I go from a moment of passion with a stranger to finding the answer to a life long dream” Sara turned around and found that Randy had followed her out the door.


This paragraph is by Ana     “Sara?” Randy said. “Is everything alright?” “Alright?” Sara snapped at him. “Alright? I don’t THINK so! What is going on here, Randy?” Randy batted his dark eyes at her. “Why, whatever do you mean?” he asked. “I mean, one moment you’re trying to seduce me, the next you’re trying to confuse me. You tell me you’re 38, but you have a 30 year old daughter named Sara Lee! You never mention you’re married, and then you tell me that in addition to a 30 year old daughter, you have a wife who looks like me, and is probably no more than 30 herself.” Sara stood, hands on her hips and glared at Randy, who seemed to be laughing. “Randy, tell me…what the hell is going on here?”


This paragraph is by Sue     Suddenly Sara sat straight up in bed. What a dream she had been having!! She woke up and looked around…well the part about being in the woods in a cabin was real, but had she really dreamed about kissing that mysterious Randy? And what was all this nonsense about Sara Lee???? Well, I’m glad that it was for the most part a dream, but I think I will have to go out and explore this place a little more. With that Sara out on some comfortable clothes and set out to see what there was to see.


This paragraph is by Dearest (I think)     “Oh, for goodness sake, can’t a woman have a fantasy without everyone having a nervous breakdown?” 🙂 SaraLee (MaryO does have a penchant for strange names, doesn’t she?) was his ADOPTED daughter, not his REAL daughter. Anyone knows a 38 year old fellow (and cute, too.. you should see him in his Speedos — swoon) can’t have a 30 year old daughter. Read again, she is adopted! Okay, where are we in this cockamamy story? LOL! (what can I say.. every day isn’t a writer’s dream for me. Remind me when I want to drive off for some peace and quiet, I don’t take the same road. thankyou ….. Ahem, was it a dream or could this really be happening? ….


This paragraph is by Dearest     And as Ana said, “Randy, what the hell is going on here?” Gosh, we need mind games when we have to deal with hormones. Is there no mercy even in a fantasty?


This paragraph is byConfused     Randy stared at Sara. “Wow,” he said. “That was quite an outburst, Sara. Sit down over here, let me tell you something.” Sara followed Randy to the bed, and sat down. He kneeled in front of her and took her hands into his. “Sara, I don’t know how you got the idea that I thought Sara Lee might be your child…but Sara, first of all, she’s adopted, and second of all, she’s only ten. And third, the woman I introduced you to was my sister, Faith. The two of you look alot alike, but she isn’t your daughter, I can remember when she was born.”Sara shook her head. “I don’t know..this is all so confusing.” “Here,” Randy said, “take a sip of this Gingko tea, it should help clear your mind.” As Sara sipped, Randy threw open the windows. “I think we should go to my place,” he said. “There may be a gas leak in here…” Sara was feeling better already. “That could explain both of us being so disoriented and confused earlier.” “I suppose it could,” Sara said. She laughed. “What’s so funny,” Randy asked, smiling at her. “Oh,” Sara said,”I kind of feel like I’m in a story, one without a plot.” “Well, so you are,” Randy said. “I think its called life.” The two of them left Sara’s cabin and headed off toward…


This paragraph is by MaryO 🙂     …the lake where Randy had a lovely picnic for two people spread out on a blanket (is the picnic spread out on the blanket or are the people? We shall see) It was a lovely meal, complete with champagne, candles, flowers, a special dessert made by SaraLee. Sara was glad to see all this, since she was ravenous – not having eaten since she left her husband several authors ago. Just as Sara was going to plop down on the blanket…


This paragraph is by I forget     When out of the woods rode a familiar looking man on a horse. He had blond hair and the bluest eyes Sara had ever seen. Why he looked so familiar, just like that man that Barbra Streisand fell in love with in the movie “The Way We Were”. Why, yes, it was Robert Redford. What was he doing riding a horse in these woods? He rode across the clearing and came right over to Sara. “Hi, I seem to be lost. I’m looking for………”


This paragraph is by Bob     …Alice (sometimes she calls herself “Dearest”). You might have seen her picture around Power Surge. Anyway, a long time ago I sent her an online card (you know – those bluemountain ones) and asked her to call me. She never did, so I came in person to tell her that I’d love for her to…


This paragraph is by Sue Who?     Sara looked up into those deep, deep blue eyes and was almost hypnotized. “Bob, I can help you! I can call you Bob can’t I? Alice has talked about you so much I feel like I know you already! You can always find her lurking around her web site, or on-line at Power Surge. But best of all, you should come to one of her wonderful chats and get to know her better!” “No, ma’m….no time for that right now. I have to get back to my film festival, but make sure and tell her I love her and one day we surely will meet.” And with that he turned around and rode off into the sunset. Sara came slowly back to reality, and turned back to Randy and said “Now, where were we? Randy replied by putting his arm around Sara and pulling her back down to the blanket and slowly began to kiss her hungry lips….


This paragraph is by Pookie     She would only take refuge until the rain passed. Sara decided to…. run – as suddenly the sky opened up and the rain was coming down in torrents. She took the steps two at a time and was quickly beneath the porch where at least it was dry, but she was so cold. The cabin appeared abandoned. She tentatively knocked on the door and listened for any sounds from within…nothing. She knocked again a little harder…nothing. She stepped to the window and tried to peer inside, but the windows had not been cleaned in a long time and she could make out very little detail of the inside. Just then a bolt of lighting streaked across the sky, for just a brief moment illuminating the interior of the cabin. It looked long deserted. She was beginning to shiver-she was wet and cold. What harm could it do to go inside and at least get dry. She reached slowly for the doorknob, and was pleased to find that it was not locked. She slowly opened the door. It looked like a scene from an old western movie, an open hearth fireplace with a large iron pot hanging on a hook that could be swung over the fire. A small stack of wood was laid in the fireplace, as if waiting for the owners to return to start the fire and prepare the evening meal. Sara dug deep into her pockets, thankfully, the book of matches she had picked up last night to light candles was there. She cautiously struck a match and held it to the dry kindling, the wood caught fire and quickly wrapped her in its warmth. Now she thought, if only I could find a towel or some dry clothing to wear. As she slowly appeared around the cabin she found an old truck and when she lifted the lid she was surprised to see that inside there were womens clothes, clothes from a era in history long gone by. She gingerly held the shoulders of a blue dress and slowly held it up. It looked to be in perfect shape, as if just left there yet she knew that it had to be 100 years old at least. She carefully eyed the dress and determined that it would fit. She took off her wet clothes and laid them over a chair near the hearth so they could dry and raised the dress up and slid it over her shoulders. The material felt so smooth and soft. She fastened all the tiny buttons up the front of the dress. She felt like an actress about to go on stage, she twirled around as the graceful skirt of the dress swung out. Oh my, thought Sara, I am so dizzy….what is happening…everything is spinning..! Sara’s last thought as she lost consciousness was that the rain had quit and the sun was shining brightly and, but no that couldn’t be, there was a man dressed in clothing the same era as the dress standing in the doorway smiling at her and laughing at her obvious joy in the blue dress. As Sara came to……


This paragraph is by Lora     as storm clouds began forming in the distance. Suddenly there was a loud clap of thunder and lightening struck dangerously close to where they were. Randy gathered up the picnic items and they ran for cover. They ended up at a cabin Randy used from time to time when he wanted to get away and be by himself. Sara looked around the cabin. “This could be a very nice place if he would clean it up a bit.” As she looked out the large windows in the back of the house, Sara could not help her thoughts. “If we took these windows out and put in sliding glass doors, it would be a wonderful place for a huge deck.” Giddy with delight, Sara ran to tell Randy about her plans. He looked at her and said


This paragraph is by Lora     as storm clouds began forming in the distance. Suddenly there was a loud clap of thunder and lightening struck dangerously close to where they were. Randy gathered up the picnic items and they ran for cover. They ended up at a cabin Randy used from time to time when he wanted to get away and be by himself. Sara looked around the cabin. “This could be a very nice place if he would clean it up a bit.” As she looked out the large windows in the back of the house, Sara could not help her thoughts. “If we took these windows out and put in sliding glass doors, it would be a wonderful place for a huge deck. I think I have some joist hangers and brackets in my purse back at the other cabin.” Giddy with delight, Sara ran to tell Randy about her plans. He looked at her and said


This paragraph is byDandyRandy     “You must be out of your mind. Deck building is a LOT of work. I had planned to put in a fireplace and jacuzzi, though. I’ve heard that jacuzzi’s are wonderful for relieving tension…” But then, seeing the look of disappointment on Sara’s face, Randy said “since you already have the joist hangers znd brackets in your purse, we might as well build a deck, too. We’ll get started on all this work as soon as we…


This paragraph is by Dearest     Sara scratched her head and wondered, “How did I go from aa quiet drive in the country to joist hangers and brackets?” 🙂 She suddenly started dreaming of the scene in “The Way We Were” where Streisand runs her long fingers through Hubbell Gardner’s hair, gently placinc each gorgeous blond strand back in its proper place. She wondered if there was anyone else so perfect, not so much for the reason so many women drool over him — his inimitable handsomeness and charm — but for his purpose – environmental issues, bringing independent films to the public’s attention with his wonderful Sundance efforts. Randy asked Sara what she was daydreaming about and she said, “Oh, nothing. Let’s get started on the deck.” All the while she wondered if she were actually brave enough to go to Sundance and try to meet “the man…


To be continued…


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Alice’s Yahrzeit Starts at Sundown Tonight   Leave a comment



In Judaism, there are several occasions each year when the dead are memorialized. The most significant of these is yahrzeit, the anniversary of the death, which is observed according to the Hebrew calendar. Most synagogues keep registries of the Hebrew dates of members’ deaths and send out notices reminding family members of the yahrzeit date.

As is the case in all Jewish holidays, yahrzeit observance begins at night. A 24-hour candle is lit and, as one woman I know says: “The spirit of the dead person fills the room again for 24 hours.” One attends synagogue for the evening, morning, and afternoon services and again recites the Kaddish [the memorial prayer].

One should not go to a celebration or party on the day of yahrzeit, and some people fast on that day.

Adapted from

English: A lit Yahrtzeit candle, a candle that...

English: A lit Yahrtzeit candle, a candle that is lit on the Hebrew anniversary of a loved one’s death. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The yahrzeit candle is lit during the week of Shiva (mourning). It is also lit at sundown on the eve of the yahrzeit (anniversary of the death) and at sundown preceding the start of Yom Kippur and at sundown preceding the last day of Succot, Passover and Shavuot.

These holidays all have yizkor (memorial) in synagogue as well.

Rest in peace, Dearest Alice.

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The above was written by Henry Scott Holland who lived from 27 January 1847 to 17 March 1918.  He was Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Oxford

I’ve read that quote often and it brings me hope – as well as the one below, also from Holland:

I am standing upon the seashore. A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength. I stand and watch her until at length she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come to mingle with each other.
Then someone at my side says ” there, she is gone!”
“Gone where?”
Gone from my sight. That is all.
Her diminished size is in me, not in her. And just at the moment when someone at my side says “There, she is gone.” There are other eyes watching her coming and other voices ready to take up the glad shout “Here she comes!”
And that is dying.





It was two years ago today that I learned that Dearest (Alice) had died.

These two years have been a challenge with me missing my best friend, and the challenges of the site she left behind.  I’m trying my best to keep the boards going but just a couple days ago, I got an incredibly mean and hurtful email from someone.

Part of that said “People were benefiting from the site for 20 years, and you let everything get ruined. What was great is now completely worthless. Great way of honoring Alice, I hope you feel proud of yourself.

Everywhere in my home, there are gifts and letters/cards she sent, emails I printed out, reminders all over.  I’ll see something on TV and think that Alice and I will have a laugh over that – then I remember all over again.

I miss you so much, Alice! 😦

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