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I am heart broken I would love for Alice to know that you dont have to go out and climb high mountains, or write important books, or even compose the most beautiful song ever and think this was all so important to do.

What Alice did was save my sanity, she helped me get a gripe on a very bad time in my life and in doing so she touched my family and they got relief by seeing me get better and understand these emotions that come with being a woman and menopause.

She was just one person that followed her heart and had such a passion and love for what she did and she loved so deeply she loved us all as a mother does her children.

I say Dearest was an amazing women that maybe alot of people will never know who Alice was our Dearest Alice was but boy I sure wish I could SHOUT FROM THE ROOF TOPS FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS “Dearest thank you for all you are and all you did there are no words to properly thank you”

So as our hearts ache yes its painful but then that beautiful story about that Butterfly says that God so loved her He allowed this little creature to come and give comfort because she is in Heaven and is in His arms in peace and joy and calm from all this earthly hub bub we now have to endure and finish the good fight .

Dearest I didn’t know you personally but you were one of my Dearest friends.

One very brokenhearted little bug named Tinks

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