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I was going through old email and found this from 2009.  Some of the information is old and some of the links may not work anymore but it’s still a good letter :)


dearestbio2This is a one-time mailing to introduce you to and guide you around the award-winning Power Surge  Community for women at Midlife.  You won’t receive masses of E.mail. We all get too much E.mail as it is. In fact, due to all the  spam and anti-spam programs today, the Newsletters have been archived and are available for your convenience.     

I realize this is a long letter, but menopause is a LONG process!  It’s essential to educate yourself about menopause, about the remedies, tips and various methods of treating menopause symptoms to spare you as much discomfort as possible during this stage of life.  I recommend spending 10 minutes of your time reading the information provided in this letter and saving it as a reference.  Having created and maintained this community since 1993, I know it blind-folded, so I’ve provided information and direct links to the most important places first, and then you can explore on your own :)    

I’m Alice Lotto Stamm, aka Dearest, founder of Power Surge. It’s important to know the quality and reputation of the site you’re visiting and depending upon for accurate information.

It’s my personal pleasure to welcome you to this community (created on America Online in 1993) for women at midlife and in menopause celebrating its 16th year online –  the only menopause community with such longevity –and as a multi award-winning Web site since 1996. Power Surge contains a wealth of information and resources, and is internationally praised as a powerful support community for women — It is rated the most popular menopause site by Amazon.coms, Alexa; a Forbes Magazine“Best of the Web site, Forbes says, “Power Surge is one of the top sites for women looking for support and education during a turning point in their lives, menopause;” has consistently, since 1996, been the #1 and only reviewed menopause site in the Yahoo! directory; is called by Health Magazine, “One of the 25 best health sites for womenPrevention Magazine says, “Power Surge is an internet lifesaver;” the April, 2005 issue of Today’s Christian Woman recommends in their “Managing Menopause” article — “For cutting-edge meno-info, visit the leading website, Power-surge.com; the Spring, 2004 issue ofLiving Fit Magazine calls Power Surge “The premier online community/resource for midlife women — a decade on the cutting edge;”  MORE Magazine praises Power Surge as a successful mentor site for women in menopauseDr. Chris Northrup says, “This site is invaluable.”  Dr. Susan Love, among many other medical luminaries, says, “Power Surge is the first, best and most informative menopause site for women.“  

However, the most important praise comes from the *women* (and men) who’ve visited and participated in Power Surge.

Now… About YOU!

I know you’re concerned about and interested in learning more about menopause and related midlife issues — in what’s happening that’s suddenly turning your life upside down. Yes, menopause is a “natural” experience, but as natural as it may be, it can be sheer misery. Although menopause isn’t an illness to cure, for many women it can be a great deal of discomfort to endure. Menopause sometimes feels as though a woman, one day vibrant, energetic, feeling fine, suddenly finds herself feeling as though she’s physically and emotionally trying to pull herself through the eye of a needle.

Among women in menopause, it’s common to hear things like, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I feel worse than I’ve ever felt in my life!” “Am I losing my mind?” — “My body feels like it’s betraying me!” — “How long does this last? — “Am I ever going to feel normal again?” . . . Well, it does end eventually, but it can take quite a few years. Remember, you’ve been having a menstrual cycle for years. It doesn’t go away overnight and for many women, it often it goes out with a ROAR!

Remember, too, that menopause doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Everything in our lives is connected. Whatever we had to cope with physically prior to menopause is frequently exacerbated BY menopause. Whatever emotional issues we had before often feel like they’re pushing us to the edge of our patience, and cause us to wonder if we possess the ability to endure what can be long and tedious transitional years. Equally, whatever relationship problems we had with our spouses/partners/children/parents/co-workers can all become exaggerated, often intolerable while we’re coping with all these changes. For many, menopause can be so overwhelming, they find themselves turning to almost anything for comfort — their spiritual natures becoming more fine tuned than ever. I know it’s difficult not to become disillusioned, but patience is something you must learn in order to get past this experience and move on to the next stage in life.

Because menopause touches so many areas of our lives, in Power Surge we address not only the physical “changes” associated with menopause, but the psychological and spiritual, empty nest syndrome, relationships at midlife, weight gain, intimacy, nutrition, diet and fitness issues and how to cope with our aging parents while we’re being tested to the max. We address the whole nine yards about “getting older.” Believe it or not, many women find themselves going into menopause loathing the idea of losing their period AND getting older, but I can promise you one thing, once you’ve found a method of treatment that helps your symptoms and once you’re over this passage, you’ll welcome becoming  postmenopausal and getting older.

So, pour yourself a cup of relaxing herbal tea (without caffeine) while you click on the blue links that will help you navigate to and around Power Surge. You’ve *finally* found the most supportive community to answer all your questions and unparalleled support to help you through this passage  :) And “community” is what it’s all about!

Message Boards

There is no shortage of Power Surge message boards where you’ll find support on every imaginable subject and camaraderie with other women going through similar experiences. The Web site message boards have been rated by Forbes Magazine as the “Best of the Web Menopause Boards.” Women can network 24/7 to read, post and engage in real-time chat with other women in menopause in the Insta-Chat. The subjects cover a host of subjects. Registration is required to participate in the Power Surge Message Boards for the purpose of keeping out multi-level marketing people whose only purpose is to clutter the boards with advertisements. The boards are a haven for friendship, information and support.


I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you’ve found Power Surge. I know you will garner excellent information, strength and support from this multi award-winning community, plus make wonderful friends with other women going through the same transition.

We’ve been here for over 20 years helping to empower women to take charge of their bodies. So, as we sojourn through this transition, some of us in our own little cocoons, remember — “If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” :)

Power Surge

Alice Stamm

(aka Dearest / PowerSurgeWoman)
The Power Surge Community For Women
At Midlife And In Menopause
Celebrating Our 21st Year Online
Founder, Facilitator

FORBES Magazine: “Best of the Web”
(featured in cover article on the accuracy of
Internet Health sites, “Use With Care”)
LIVING FIT Magazine’s Spring, 2004 Issue calls
Power Surge, “The premier online community/resource
for midlife women — a decade on the cutting edge”
HEALTH Magazine selected Power Surge
one of “The 25 Best Health Sites for Women”
PREVENTION Magazine: “Power Surge is an
Internet Lifesaver”
SUSAN LOVE, M.D.: “Power Surge is the first, the
best and most informative menopause site for women”
TODAY’S CHRISTIAN WOMAN: April, 2005 article,
“Managing Menopause,” says, “For cutting-edge
meno-info, visit the leading website, Power Surge.”
CBS Healthwatch: “Power Surge has had a
powerful effect on the mental and physical
health of women”
MORE Magazine praises Power Surge as a
“Valuable Menopause Mentor” in its April, 2003 issue
CHICAGO TRIBUNE: “If your mom’s not around to offer
advice on hot flashes as you enter menopause, head for
a Web site called Power Surge.”

Copyright 1994-20014 Power-Surge.com, Inc.
All Rights Reserved
Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited.

Posted October 23, 2013 by MaryO

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  1. I am going through perimenopause and don’t know what to do. I’m shaking nonstop on the inside and feel so many other crazy symptoms. I want to do it naturally, but don’t know where to begin. Please help.

  2. Hello, So glad I found this site. I thought I was going mad-I have been so unwell.The hot flashes, night sweats, and this trembling and fast heart rate. The lack of sleep is horrible but having read your site I know I am not alone. I am 59 and started perimenopause (although I had not heard of that before now but have worked backwards and realised that I was going through that all those years ago) in 2010 but it is still with me all these years on. Love to all of us who are going through this — it will end soon (rather than later) hang in there. Thank you for this site and for being there and all you advice. Much Love Marilynn

    Marilynn Stoneman
  3. I am so tired. Tired of not sleeping, tired of my weird symptoms. It started about 3 months ago. I am almost 49. Buzzing, tingling in limbs, twitching, extreme anxiety. I dropped 15 lbs (not bad all in all…). Had neurological and infectious disease consult, and will see a gastro. Took flagyl for some dubious parasite which might or might not be just benign. I took it anyway. Flagyl has its own neurological side effects. I are up with a jolt and buzzing. Had head MRI, abdominal scan, all clear. Lorazepam in small doses helps but I don’t want to live on lorazepam. The theories range from SIBO, side effect of Botox (yes, I got once Botox, silly me) vagus nerve dysfunction, some other gut disorder, or just anxiety. I am so tired. And glad that I found this site, maybe it’s perimenopause. My obgyn thinks that as long as I menstruate, hats not an issue.

    • Hi Lilu, Hi Everyone, I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Drugless Practitioner and Nutritional Consultant, have studied under a Midwife, been a doula, had 4 homebirths, LONG TIME nursing mom, and am a strong advocate for natural women’s and children’s health. I’ve read and appreciated this wonderful website for years, have never written here, but will throw my 2 cents in. Hormones are my passion. Yes, your symptoms could be parasites, more common to us than we realize, but even more probable, given your age, is that they are caused by a drop in hormones. Progesterone is the first to decline in production, and adrenal stress can speed the process. Loss of progesterone can start in mid to late thirties, with symptoms of heavy or non-stop bleeding, unpredictable periods, infertility, miscarriage, PCOS, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, cysts, migraines,and more. At this point the body is “estrogen heavy”‘ and requires natural Progesterone to correct the imbalance. These are the Perimenopausal years. As we come closer to menopause, and Estrogen production slows, with lighter flow, shorter periods, further apart, we can face a whole new batch of symptoms, the most common being hot flashes, sweats, vaginal atrophy and dryness, internal shaking, insomnia, anxiety, hair loss, irritability, memory loss, “crawling” skin. At this point Bio-Estrogen should be started, as well. It is possible to have a seamless and comfortable transition into the peri and menopausal years and even bypass the more serious situations developing behind the scenes if we don’t replace and restore balance. Synthetic hormones are dangerous and disastrous, but the Bio-identicals are not only safe, but body protective. (Cardio, osteo, immune, brain, nervous system, cancer, …) Many health issues of older women can be traced back to a loss in hormones and easily prevented. I have safely used them for the last 17 years and have no plan to stop. There is so much true information now available to us, yet many doctors don’t read research findings, remain ignorant and give harmful “advice”. You’ll find that even within the practitioners recommending Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement there are different suggestions of use. I recommend copying a body’s normal menstrual cycle using Estrogen AM/PM days 1-30, and adding in Progesterone days 14-30. Of course, this is simplifying, and we all have specific, individual needs. A saliva test will show you exactly where you are. I recommend the transdermal creams as they are very easy to tailor, bypass the liver, and Progesterone cream applied directly to the breasts will protect against breast cancer. Estrogen cream should be applied to inner arms. DO NOT apply Estrogen to breasts. Some products still recommend application to tummy, hips, thighs and behind, but the cream gets absorbed into our fat. Best application is to thin-skinned areas; for Estrogen, inner arms, neck, face; for Progesterone, breasts, neck, face. Keep in mind that other hormones have a place in your balance as well, Testosterone, Thyroid, Adrenals…Life is certainly a journey, sometimes a raging river, but don’t lose hope or heart, there is help and relief. Yours, Leslie

      • Thank you Leslie. I do have heavy, shorter cycles (24 instead of 28). I also have dense breast tissue with lots and lots of cysts, two small uterine fibroids and a uterine polyp which will come out Sunday morning (surgery). My doctor said that as long as I menstruate he is not worried about hormones. How do I persuade him to check?

      • Well, Lilu, I’m afraid that his response to you shows his ignorance in the matter. I have had many of my clients try to speak to their physicians, even taking my recommendations directly to them with an invitation to call me, and most have been offended, sadly. Remember that he is working for YOU, that You have hired HIM to help, but you may need to go about restoring balance aside from him. You might insist he have your levels checked, but it will likely be a blood test, which won’t give an accurate read (he”ll argue with that, as well). Your symptoms yell “low progesterone and estrogen dominance” to me. How old are you? Caffeine can also cause dense breast tissue with cysts. I’m sorry i only just found your e-mail, but am so glad you found mine. I’d be glad to speak with you or help as I can and will be praying for you tomorrow.

      • Thank you for posting.
        I am 51 and my life went from working full time traveling the world. Energy galore to barely being able to get out of bed.
        After a year of going to tons of doctors and all of them treating me like I was crazy I finally went to a holistic doctor that recommended bio identical hormones.
        She sent me to a gyno that had my hormones tested as well as gave me a multi cut for adrenals and herbs.
        I was prescribed estradiol cream and progesterone tablets.
        I have been to scared to take them because I have severe twitching in my legs mostly since 2012. Had different tests run in 2012/2013.
        Now that I found this forum I am relieved to know that twitching as well as shaking inside is common for menopause.
        No doctor has ever told me this when I had concerns.
        I literally the last year thought I was slowly dying from some unknown disease.
        I just started my bio identicals today.
        Thank you! :))

  4. May I also add that as a practitioner, I have successfully guided many women, men, teens and pre-teens into the safe harbor of hormone balance by other means as well. We are influenced by diet, chemical exposure, heavy metals, toxic congestion, stress and lifestyle.

  5. I’m sorry, I did read your age. Actually, it sounds like you are missing Progesterone and now losing Estrogen on top of that.

    • I’m having surgery tomorrow for a small polyp (uterine) and I will see if I can persuade him. He’s a big star so I know they don’t take it well when patients come up with ideas. Thank you!

  6. Looking for an on line compounding pharmacy. That you use to use with Pete the pharmacist

    • Pete retired several years ago. 😦

    • That was Bellview (hope I’m spelling it right, I’ll look it up) and Pete had other qualified employees working there and taking phone consults as well. I’ll look into it and get back with it. As a Holistic Health Practitioner I also take consults and make recommendations but don’t prescribe. Have used and recommended their pharmacy many times. Pete was wonderful, hope he’s doing well.

      Leslie Long HHP, NC, DP
  7. I think it was College Pharmacy (?) I think that it was maybe in Colorado but I’m not sure about that.

  8. anyone had problems with recurrent UTIs and kidney stones hormonal related

  9. Hello
    I just found this site. I am going through perimeno and it is very bad. Not only do I have physical symptoms but I have anxiety and stress very bad. It is starting to effect how I live my life. I went to a walk in clinic cause I do not have a family dr. He took 5 maybe 10 mins with me and prescribed my an anti-depressant. He would not even listen to me when I asked about hormones. I don’t want to be on an anti-depressant. But I feel like I need some help. What do I do as I am getting so close to losing my blob

  10. What exactly are your symptoms? Have you tried walking?

  11. Hi found this website I’m going through the menopause and am suffering really bad with anxiety just wanting to see what other ladies are going through

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