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I just read this on Facebook:

On this day in 1971, Carole King’s TAPESTRY was released, becoming the longest charting record by a female solo artist in Billboard History. I listened to my Tapestry cassette relentlessly. So Far Away, I Feel The Earth Move, Tapestry, You Got a Friend, It’s Too Late Baby, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow… It was just loaded with greatness. What was your favorite track?”

In the very early days of Power Surge on AOL, I found out somehow that this album was one of Alice’s very favorite records (yes, this was a long time ago!)

I was wanting very badly to impress Alice, to be her friend, so I went to the music store and bought the piano version so Alice could play this and sing along.

The one person I knew who had Alice’s address wouldn’t share it with me for privacy reasons.  I finally had to send it to HER and she sent it on to Alice.

She loved it, as I knew she would.

We would often reference music from this record in our later phone conversations.  I have a copy on my computer (upgraded to mp3!) and would sometimes play selections over the phone.

I miss you today, as always, Alice.


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Missing You   19 comments

Part of this I wrote already on the About Page:

This site is a labor of love.

My best friend and “sister”, Alice aka Dearest, was the founder of Power Surge – first on America Online, then as a free-standing site for over 20 years. We were best friends for about 18 of those years, talking about every other day for 2-3 hours at a time.

The day of Alice’s funeral, we had a beautiful butterfly just waiting outside the door when I took our dog out.

I have never seen a butterfly like this – no one here in Virginia has seen anything like this either and I never saw it again. It just sat there on the flower pot and “posed” for this picture. I like to think it was Alice saying goodbye to me.


It’s several weeks later and I’ve been given Power Surge.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it going or not.  Certainly, it will never be as special a place as it was with Alice at the helm.

I look around the house and see things that remind me of Alice.  Gifts, print outs, silly stuff, memories, the entire AOL message boards on floppy disks…

Alice, I love you and will miss you always…


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