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Wildflowers on the PS Boards wrote:

PS-logoLong ago my daughter asked me who is Alice in regards to power-surge, I explained Alice in terms of rock and roll stars (something she could relate to at that time..)


I said..well…Alice is like Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, everyone loves Mick.

I told that story to Alice on the telephone and we laughed and laughed, since then,  when talking to Alice on the phone or chat etc..I’d call her Mick. We both got a kick out of her nickname..Mick.

Daughter then said “You mean, you get to talk to her on the phone, and she chats with you”???,

I said “yep” and she said OMIGOD (she was a teen then..) that is really like talking to the STAR and I said..”sure is”

I told daughter of “Micks” passing and she said “Oh Mom, I now realize (she’s almost 27 now) how much her website and friendship meant to you and how much it helped..”……..



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