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MaryO’Note: Links are removed from this list

There’s been a list of the “34 signs of menopause” circulating for years. The list originated with Judy Bayliss’ wonderful newsgroup, The Menopaus Listserv (That’s Menopaus without the “e” at the end).

I’ve taken the liberty of adding my own Notes to the original list. You’ll find hundreds of articles pertaining to menopause symptoms, treatments and menopause / midlife-related health and emotional issues including articles on midlife relationships, weight and fitness issues, intimacy, psychological problems associated with menopause in Power Surge’s, “Educate Your Body” extensive library.

I suggest you begin with the comprehensive article explaining what menopause is: in “An Introduction To Menopause: Signs, Symptoms and Treatments”

You’ll find remedies for most of these symptoms on the Recommendations page.

Here is the list of: “The 34 Signs of Menopause:”

1. Hot flashes, flushes, night sweats and/or cold flashes, clammy feeling (related to increased activity in the autonomic / sympathetic nervous system). Without becoming too, technical, messages are sent to the hypothalmus because of declining estrogen production via neurons which result in vasodilation — widening of the lumen of blood vessels (lumen being the cavity of a tubular organ, i.e., the lumen of a blood vessel,) which, in turn, causes flushing or hot flashes. Tips for treating/minimizing (and even avoiding) hot flashes: Power Surge’s Menopause Survival Tips. Also, read the Power Surges (hot flashes) Forum

2. Bouts of rapid heartbeat (related to increased activity in the autonomic / sympathetic nervous system)

Note: Along with rapid heartbeat (palpitations), women can experience skipped heartbeats, irregular heartbeats. These are generally normal vasomotor responses experienced during menopause – usually due to fluctuating hormone levels. However, if these problems continue, it’s always a good idea to be checked by your health care practitioner. An echocardiogram is a common procedure to tell the doctor what he needs to know about your heart. If your health care practitioner doesn’t suggest it, ASK FOR IT! Read the Palpitations, Heart Issues, Hypertension Forum

3. Irritability. Note: Along with irritability, a host of “anger” problems can develop during menopause. Just as a perimenopausal woman can find herself suddenly crying for no apparent reason or provocation, so can she find herself reacting to given situations in an angrier manner than she normally does. This anger can sometimes feel like “rage.”

Again, this is hormone-induced, but for some women, the anger can become inappropriate and a woman can feel like she’s out of control. There’s nothing wrong with seeking counselling to discuss these issues with a mental health professional. This is a challenging time of life and some objective outside help can be tremendously useful in helping a woman cope with all the emotions she’s feeling. Remember, menopause isn’t simply physical changes, but emotional and spiritual changes as well. There’s an excellent forum on the Power Surge Message Board that deals with the issues of Anger / Mood Swings / Rage.

4. Mood swings, sudden tears. Note: Mood swings can include anything from mood shifts (happy one moment, depressed the next) to sudden bouts of crying when nothing overt has occurred to cause the crying. Mood swings can and have been misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder because one can feel such extremes of emotions due to hormone imbalance. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks and even feelings of agoraphobia aren’t uncommon during menopause. The panic attacks often can develop with the onset of hot flashes. For some women, hot flashes can be severe and quite frightening.

5. Trouble sleeping through the night (with or without night sweats). Note: This can develop into insomnia or just waking at 2 in the morning for an hour. Relaxation and breathing exercises can be useful at this time — many women may log onto the Power Surge message boards and are surprised to find so many other women there in the middle of the night. More help on the Insomnia, Sleep Disorders Forum

6. Irregular periods: shorter, lighter or heavier periods, flooding, and phantom periods. Note: A phantom period is when you experience all the symptoms you’re accustomed to having before you menstruate — but… no period comes. This is a common experience during perimenopause before a woman’s period actually stops.

7. Loss of libido (sex drive). Note: Not every woman loses her libido entirely during perimenopause, although some may temporarily. Many women simply have a decreased interest in sex – often it’s simply because they generally don’t feel well and sex is the last thing on their mind! Also, bear in mind that there are many medications that can affect one’s libido, including the anti-depressants some women take to cope with the depression and anxiety associated with menopause to anti-hypertensives.

8. Dry vagina (results in painful intercourse) Note: Click here for an excellent article about vaginal dryness, sexuality and midlife relationships. Recommended: Sexual Issues/Libido Forum

9. Crashing fatigue. Note: I’ve never been able to determine if the “fatigue” associated with perimenopause is a symptom in and of itself, or if it’s a side effect of the cumulative symptoms and general exhaustion (from them) many women experience. Take all the symptoms and “dump” them on one person — is it any wonder perimenopausal women are so fatigued? If you can, try to find time to grab a nap.

One of the things that helped my fatigue, and it’s all chronicled in my personal odyssey to find remedies, is the use of considerable amounts of soy isoflavones and protein, which I found in R Soy. I can’t say that it specifically targetted and relieved the crashing fatigue, but it helped so many other symptoms and gave me a burst of energy, that I feel comfortable in attributing the fatigue relief to R. There are various vitamins, such as those in the “B” family, that can help with fatigue as well. Also, increased amounts of vitamin C. The Recommendations page lists numerous vita-nutrients that can be useful in treating fatigue and other symptoms associated with perimenopause.

10. Anxiety, feeling ill at ease. Note: One of the biggest complaints during menopause. Read the Anxiety/Stress Forum

11. Feelings of dread, apprehension, and doom (includes thoughts of death, picturing one’s own death). Note: It’s possible that this can be a manifestation of depression associated with menopause, or possibly feelings that come from going through daily discomfort through a difficult menopause transition that can last anywhere from 3-12 years.

A woman living under these circumstances can feel totally overwhelmed and frightened by the physical, psychological and spiritual changes. When there seems to be no reprieve from the suffering, for some it can leave them feeling drained wondering when and IF they’ll ever feel well again. It isn’t unusual for women at this time of life to have thoughts about dying. One phase of their life is coming to a close (not soon enough for many). There may be apprehension and fear about moving on to the next phase of life and wondering whether things will get better or worse. Helpful: The Panic Attacks / Disorder / Fear / Apprehension Forum

12. Difficulty concentrating, disorientation, & mental confusion. Note: Forgetfulness during perimenopause is often referred to lightly and humorously as “brain fog” but it’s not always funny. Note: An excellent article, Menopause And The Mind. Also, visit the Memory Loss, Foggy Thinking, Forgetfulness, Verbal Slips Forum

13. Disturbing memory lapses. Note: See #12

14. Incontinence — especially upon sneezing, laughing: urge incontinence (reflects a general loss of smooth muscle tone).

15. Itchy, crawly skin (feeling of ants crawling under the skin, not just dry, itchy skin Note: the feeling of ants crawling on your skin is called “formication”) Visit the Your Skin: Dryness, Itching, Vaginal Dryness, Disorders, Discomfort Forum

16. Aching, sore joints, muscles and tendons. (may include such problems as carpal tunnel syndrome). Note: Osteoarthritis can develop during perimenopause – and those with existing arthritic and/or rheumatic pain may find it’s exacerbated during the menopausal transition. See the Joints Aches and Pains/Arthritis Forum

17. Increased tension in muscles.

18. Breast tenderness. Note: Breast swelling, soreness, pain.

19. Headache change: increase or decrease. Note Many women develop migraine headaches during perimenopause. However, if one doesn’t have a history of migraine headeaches, they’re generally a short-lived experience of perimenopause. Also see the Headaches, Migraine Forum

20. Gastrointestinal distress, indigestion, flatulence, gas pain, nausea. Note: For nausea, try some ginger or, as I use, boiling hot water with a few teaspoons of lemon or lemon juice concentrate in it. Many women also develop acid reflux (Gerd). For some, it can be an uncomfortable feeling of severe burning sensations in the throat. If it persists, see your health care practitioner.

21. Sudden bouts of bloat. Note: Bloating, water retention are common complaints during perimenopause. Also, Acid reflux and heartburn are very common during perimenopause. Treat them as you would if you weren’t going through menopause.

22. Depression (has a quality from other depression, the inability to cope is overwhelming, there is a feeling of a loss of self. Natural hormone therapy, ameliorates the depression dramatically). Note: There are various natural methods of treating depression. Read Power Surge’s Menopause Survival Tips.

Also, many women using progestins or progesterone supplementation experience “depression” as a side effect. Power Surge recommends only naturally compounded, bio-identical hormones. Naturally compounded estrogen and progesterone supplementation doses can be individually adjusted to suit each woman’s needs. So, if a woman is experiencing depression from progesterone, the level of progesterone supplementation can be reduced until the compounding pharmacist comes up with the right blend. The combination of estrogen and progesterone is important in achieving the desired results. Other remedies, such as St. John’s Wort can be very effective in alleviating the depression associated with menopause.

My personal experience was that my perimenopause-related depression was eliminated when I started using R Soy Protein. R is excellent for mood swings, but I was astonished by the impact it had on the hormone-related “lows” I experienced before using it. Also recommended, The Depression Forum

23. Exacerbation of any existing conditions. Note: Often, conditions women had prior to entering perimenopause become
exaggerated (worse) during the menopause transition.

24. Increase in allergies. Note: Many women who suffer from allergies develop worse allergies during the menopausal years. Many women who’ve never had allergy or respiratory problems may develop them for the first time. Many people don’t realize that histamine levels are affected by hormone levels. Women can develop wheezing, coughing and a host of respiratory problems. This generally disappears as the hormones level out once a woman becomes menopausal.

25. Weight gain. (is often around the waist and thighs, resulting in “the disappearing waistline” and changes in body shape.) A good read, Weight Gain and Fitness Issues

26. Hair loss or thinning, head or whole body, increase in facial hair. Note: There is often a loss of pubic hair during menopause. Many women are more comfortable simply shaving their pubic area instead of having patches of hair.

27. Dizziness, light-headedness, episodes of loss of balance. Note: Although common complaints during menopause, I always recommend anyone suffering from dizziness, dysequilibrium have her blood pressure checked just to be on the safe side. However, women can experience these symptoms during perimenopause without having hypertension.

28. Changes in body odor. Note: I wouldn’t be too concerned about this one. It can happen, but in 13 years of running Power Surge, I’ve heard of relatively few cases of developing body odor during menopause.

29. Electric shock sensation under the skin & in the head (“take the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin, multiply it (exponentially, sometimes) radiate it & put it in the layer of tissues between skin & muscle & sometimes a precursor to a hot flash.”) Note: Those buzzing sensations, as though you’ve put your finger into a live electrical socket, can be frightening. They’re all part of the hormones, nerve endings and electrical waves running through our bodies when our hormones are constantly fluctuating. Many women experience this during perimenopause, but it eventually passes.

30. Tingling in the extremities (can also be a symptom of B-12 deficiency, diabetes, or from an alteration in the flexibility of blood vessels n the extremities.)

31. Gum problems, increased bleeding.

32. Burning tongue

33. Osteoporosis (after several years)

34. Brittle fingernails, which peel & break easily.

Some additional signs from Dearest:

  • Internal shaking / tremor-like feelings. Read the Internal Shaking Forum
  • Acne and other skin eruptions
  • Itching wildly and erratic rashes
  • Shoulder pain / joints / arthritis development or flare up in
    preexisting conditions
  • “Heart pain” – a feeling of pain in the area of the
    heart (if persistent, get checked by your health care practitioner)
  • Acid reflux / heartburn / difficulty digesting certain foods

Some of the 34 signs may also be symptoms of one of the following:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Depression with another etiology
  • Other medical conditions (see The Educate Your Body Library)

If you have reason to believe you may have one of these conditions, see your healthcare practitioner for treatment.


Note: Remember that although these may be common complaints during menopause, they might also indicate some other health problem. Be sure to consult with your personal health care practitioner before attributing these symptoms to menopause.

50 responses to “The 34 Symptoms of Menopause – what they are and how to treat them

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  4. I check 18 symptoms that are happening to me from this list. Is that possible and I’m also having numbness in the left side of my face, the top of my head and in my left forearm and hand. I have had numerous medical testing to rule out stroke, MS, pathology and deficiency. Can the numbness be a symptom. It fluctuates in intensity but never really leaves. I also have episodes of nausea lasting most of the day. Thank you for this web site and I look forward to your reply.

    • Ii too have this Laurel. Along with feeling like I’m walking on a shaky floor or trampoline. It is very scary. Doctors look at me like I’m crazy. Not sure where to go next. I’ve lost 10 pounds down to 100. I did start hormones. Some help but not getting my life back. I’m a mess and barely functioning. I am 42 and had normal life aside from aches and pains and few odd stuff that I dismissed until now when it’s taken over.

      • Holy cow all this is me!!! I’m 46 and I feel like I’m crazy and losing it!! What is up with the feeling of being unsteady at times and the power surges make you nuts at the same time!! I wish I could take something…….

        Michelle McCormick
  5. what are the treatment for all of these. it is driving me crazy.

    Suggestions for treatment is highly welcome.

  6. I am actually thankful to the holder of this website who has shared this great article
    at at this time.

  7. No es tan fcil vеr contеnidos bien escritos, de modo quе tengo que darte las

  8. Neuropathy, essential tremors in my left hand, weight gain, hair thinning, anxiety, panic, depression, mood swings, irritability, sense that I have lost myself. Buzzing under my skin, bugs crawling on my skin, tip of my tongue goes numb, feeling a trembling feeling deep inside my body, shakiness, no energy, want to sleep all the time. Desire to exercise, which used to be a major part of me, is now totally gone. Decreased kidney function. Vitamin D deficiency, elevated vitamin B levels, Immunoglobulin A and G deficiency. Constant feeling of being overwhelmed… like my life is out of control and in a state of total chaos. This has all hit me in the last 6 months. Libidio is totally tanked and has been for 15 years since I had a hysterectomy at the age of 34. Blood work indicates that I am “almost through” menopause… but I have no idea what life will be like when I am through it. Better? worse? Just trying to hold on at this point. Thank you for this forum. I see there haven’t been any posts for 5 months… hope someone will see this. I could use a friend.

    • Juli – most people don’t post here but they go to the message boards instead. Check them out at You have to sign up but I’m sure you’ll find what you need.

      I had the symptom of bugs crawling on my skin for quite a long time and I posted about it often. I did a search there for “formication” the official name (Formication is the medical term for a sensation that exactly resembles that of small insects crawling on (or under) the skin) and the results said “Your search for the term formication returned 107 results” so this problem is talked about fairly often.

      Best of luck to you and I hope you join us on the message boards 🙂

    • Jill ~ I have some similar symptoms. I see this is from 2 years ago. How are you getting on now? Would love to hear as it might give me some feeling of calm around it. 🙂

    • Oh my!!! I also have had elevated b levels in b vitamins deficient a bit low Hemoglobin. I have two months internal shaking drs cant find the reason and my eye twitching as well.
      My fsh levels say im done with menopause yer im still in peri.. I haven’t had a period . in 5 months.. Acid reflux i got suddenly last year and tmj too suddenly.. And sudden gum pain resulting in loss of a tooth. Bloadtness achy joints.. Constipated faiigue and worsening allergies. Inconsistance. Hard to lose weight.. Weight gain. Sure breasts.. My hair also went from straight to curly.. Lots facial hair esp chin..acne face .. My dr thinks im craxy and keep refering me to a psychiatrist.. I either cant sleep at night or sleep too much..

    • Hi. I am wondring how you are doing and if you ever found any relief for all these symptoms?

    • Have you had your adrenals checked. I have Adrenal Insufficiency and this sounds like me.

  9. Evaristo,

    Thank goodness for your post!! I am post meno but have suffered worse symptoms than prior to meno. The buzzing and tremors is what I am going thru now. It is real and so scary. I made the mistake of going on line and looking up symptoms on “Dr Internet”. I know exactly exactly what you are saying…this is real!!! This website is a life saver!!!!!Thank you for writing…………….

  10. Thank you for this website. Out of the 35 symptoms for premenopaus I have 34 of them. The worst one is the creepy crawley itching that only happens at night..Do you have any natural remedies for this? I am about to go crazy w the itching and no sleep

    • Thanks, Lorrie – I personally have that creepy, crawly itching and it drives me nuts. Mine started with menopause and I posted about it a lot on the Power Surge boards at I’m post now but I get the itching about once a month for a day or 2. If I didn’t know that it would go away soon I would go nuts.

      When I was going through menopause, I took HRT for a bit and that helped. I hated doing that and switched to soy and that helped, too. I was very glad when the itching didn’t come back on the soy.

      Now that I’m past meno and having the occasional itchy days, I take OTC Benadryl. That helps with the itching and puts me to sleep.

      I’m sorry that I don’t have any better answers or anything natural. If you can take soy, try that, if not, maybe Benadryl will work for you.

      Best of luck to you!

  11. Hi. I feel like I am going crazy. I started using progesterone cream but I am still suffering from the ant-like skin sensation also just feeling weird and tensed up like crazy, and crying. Please help I feel like going into a psych ward:/.

  12. The worst thing for me is the constant throat clearing because of excessive mucus, interspersed with such a dry mouth no amount of water will assuage it. Misery. Annie

  13. I am 60 and have been post menopausal for 7 years and life is still hell !! Horrific Palps, dizzy weird eyes heavy legs dread getting up every morning. Had to go to out of hours to be assured I wasn’t having heartattack getting full works and bloods done for reassurance but I’ve been going through this since I was 34. I could be ok for say 6 months the for two months I get every sympton under the sun. Do my best to just get on with it but it’s so so hardlaura

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  15. Cynthia Uganda -Kampala bugema university am still in my 20s bt am so much terrified about that i keep up dating my self about any information about mono pose, i do want to have the experience my mom had ,when i have gotten there. long live comrades.

    lukanga cynthia ed
    • Hi there, don’t assume you will have the same symptoms as your mother. I have four sisters and each of us had differing experiences. Our were ranging from one sister who had every symptom you could read about, to me who had very brief hot flushes which lasted about a year and raised anxiety but totally manageable. One sister had virtually no symptoms at all. She is a practising Bhuddist and has meditated for over 30 years. I am sure this has helped. My younger sister is just coming to the end of Menopause. All she has noticed is that her digestive system is a bit dodgy but once again, after getting scans etc she has changed her diet and it hasn’t stopped her from enjoying life. Absolutely do keep reading and keep yourself informed just in case you feel a little weird symptom in about 30 years time !! and need reassurance. Once you read that about another 1000 women have felt the same it really does make you relax and just accept that things are changing. Relax as much as you can, and don’t become hyper-vigilant. Nature has a way of doing what it wants to do and so fighting it just won’t help.

  16. Hi Lorrie for the itchy skin u can use flaxseed oil either rub it on ur body at night or take 1tbs daily I had the same problem it was worse at night when I would lay down my herbalist told me to use it and it worked like a charm the fIrst night I used it (I rubbed it all over my body) I was able to actually lay down n fall asleep after 3 days of using it the itching was totally gone. the oil does leave a smell on ur clothes didn’t mine that tho hope this helps u like it did for me

  17. I get dreadful mood swings and dizzy turns and feelings of doom flowing over me, its frightening, also feeling disorientated,like strange feelings come over me,my skin has gone awful on my body, it seemed to go thin and saggy over night, I am 55, and haven’t bled for nearly 3 years, so I am through the change, but I am suffering mentally, any help? will be appreciated, ANGELA

  18. For months now I really thought I was dying. All of these strange symptoms and no answers from the doctor. I’m 38 and always thought that menopausal symptoms didn’t come until your 50s. I’ve spent months dealing with anxiety attacks and insomnia because I was sure I had cancer or some other deadly illness. When I found this site through Laura Dinnings article on The Guardian ( I was finally able to breathe and relax a bit. Her story was so similar to mine and when I saw the bit about her muscle twitches all over her body I know that this was what I was dealing with. My worst symptoms are the muscle twitching, pain in my chest from indigestion, and the anxiety. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. Thank you to all of you for the input on this page….it has been a temendous help!

    • Hi, looks like your comment is 4 years old. I to am experiencing menopause, with the all over body twitches, and hot flashes. I am going through menopause also. Please share with me if your muscle twitches stopped, and what you did to make this problem better. It really makes you feel as if you are dying, as you explained. Thanks, Debra

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  20. Hello beautiful ladies. I’m 46 years old and my symptoms started about 4-5 months ago. I have quite a few of the symptoms on the list but the ones causing me the most stress is literally the constant pain in my neck. It aches so bad that I cannot hold my head in the same position for long and even hurts when I do happen to get 2-3hrs sleep. My hands and legs feel light and I often drop things. I have been crying a lot because my doctor says there’s no swelling in my neck so I must be mistaken. Has anybody else experienced constant pain at the back of their neck because I’m stressing that it could be a symptom of something much worse. I haven’t read about this symptom any where so I’m panicking. And the fact that I cannot remember things or find the words to describe or finish sentences is another cause of my despair. I cry a lot because I know something’s wrong but whose going to believe me. Please help.

    • I too had constant pain in my neck and shoulders. I had a message done with a person who knew how to release the tension in the muscles,called trigger points. This took the pain away. My muscles were so tight it was causing an extreme amount of pain that would not go away. Hope this works for you.

    • Hi. So sorry to hear about this. I haven’t slept through the night in about 5 days( dodgy sleep always) so I took some melatonin last night and woke up with a neck I can barely move all day. I resorted to pain killer late this afternoon and have been trying not to move it too much. I believe you!!I also have had a really sore elbow, feels swollen although it isn’t. Went to the doc for that an all th either weird problems like night nausea and electric like shocks and she said that maybe I need to get an iud. No thanks.

      • Hello! I am wondering if you hav found any relief at all? I am really suffering and the worst symptoms are night nausea , insomnia and electric shocks. I have many other symptoms but those are the killers for me. I literally feel like I am dying when those 3 combine. Thankyou and I really hope you are better.

    • I feel a lot of these symptoms too, Fazila. Frustrating to experience these sensations and to be told there’s no explanation for it. So grateful for this site and for the many, many women’s stories it represents.

    • Hi! I know it’s been some years since you wrote your post about pains in your neck. I’m having that issue as well. How did things turn out for you? Were you able to get to the bottom of your symptoms?

  21. Whether inflammation occur in the legs during this time and increased tendecy to urinate also associated with this period?

  22. I’m have strange sensations in my head. Like a droning whooshing sound It comes in waves and somtimes feel a pain with it. I get jerks in my neck, jaw legs and arms also at night with somtimes a loud zap in my head which is at times frightening. Could these be menapause symptoms? I’m 53 and have occasional periods in the past year.

  23. Hi Louise ~

    My understanding from various research is that the loud zap/electric school sensation is definitely a symptom. It seems like vey little research has been done on the specifics of how menopause and changing hormones affect the nervous system in particular, but clearly they do. If anyone has any additional specific information on this I’d be happy to have it since this is my main system being affected right – nervous – now along with sleep disturbance and fatigue. Here is what I found on electric shock sensations:

  24. I feel like I’m losing my mind and I can’t control it it feels like I’m going crazy and my family can’t handle me at times I just wanti t to stop

  25. Why is it I am losing weight and with skipping heartbeats. I went to the doctor they didn’t see nothing.

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  27. This site was the best medicine for me several years ago when I was going through menopause and had no idea what in the heck was going on. Such a comfort.

  28. Im having internal vibrations. I hate it. It feels sooo weird. When will they stop and should I up my hormones? I read it’s from fluctuating hormones.

  29. Where has this site been the 6 months. I have 99.9% of the above symptoms and problem then some.

  30. 28 symptoms. Severe. All of them! My 50’s have been miserable. I am currently fighting a rash on my groin, pubic area, and buttocks that is spreading to my thighs. Burns. Several panic attacks in the last 11 years. It’s no fun.

  31. I am suffering from severe redness all over my face and jawline. Also lots of spots on my face. I have tried loads of different face creams and washes. Nothing helps it. My skin is so very dry and irritated.

  32. Ladies i have some of these smptoms also. Please try yoga exercises. I hae a wonderful dvd called ViniYoga. It coers the whole body Yoga exercises and yoga help me quite a lot. I pray and yoga and aroebics. I am over 65 yrs old. I have the shocks crawly sensations hot flashes and a few more. I hope you try yoga. Not meditating but yoga exercises for bone muscles joints flexibility. I am also a vegan for 10yrs. Hope this helps. God’s blessings.

  33. I am suffering from internal vibrations and shaking. Worse when I am still. Making me anxious and depressed. Sometimes it feels like a thumping sensation and other times it feels high pitched and electrical. All internal. 😒

  34. Hi I wake up every morning feel nauseous all through the day I have hot flashes where I don’t sweat but I get hot all overmy body my mouth is dry and I feel like it’s hot in there to body aches headaches muscle pain but the worst is any time of the day I’m about to get real hot for a couple of minutes didn’t get cold when I go back out again I am 54 years old I haven’t had a period in five years I never went through menopause so I think I’m going through it now I’m not sure I hope that we’re done my thyroid is OK

  35. Hi, oh my…I am so grateful to find this site! One of my worst symptoms I’ve had is this strange buzzing and vibrating feeling in my abdomen for several years now since peri-menopause (mostly notice at night). My GP had no idea why I’d be having these sensations. A little over a year ago the heart palpitations and anxiety attacks began (anxiety possibly instigated by the racing heart which I thought was a heart attack) After going on bio-identical progesterone and estradiol for several months I had some relief. As I am now laid off due to covid19 lock down in my province, I have reduced my hormones to lower doses to save money. The vibrating has increased and now overwhelming fatigue that knocks me off my feet at times. I feel the vibrating has extended to my head and also have obvious twitching in my muscles and involuntary movements and pain in my fingers. I am so relieved that I am not crazy, my body is most definitely vibrating.
    Can this all really be menopause?

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