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Posted March 22, 2014 by MaryO

64 responses to “PS Message Boards

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  1. I have been going through perimenopause since 2006. It came on abruptly and i experienced horrific symptoms from agorophobia to anxiety to severe hot flashes etc. for a couple of yrs. then it seemed to get better and i had 3 good yrs. Clear minded, lived a normal life back to my ole self. Had a great job and things were going great and looked very promising. Then one day i started to feel symptoms returning. Over just a few months the seemed to worsen and i ended up losing my job. I was off of work for a yr and feeling much better. I found another job that turned out to be a nightmare. It caused so much anxiety that i ended up leaving that job. The symptoms began to return shortly before i left. Now 1 1/2 yrs i seem to experience something new every day. Nights are horrible, I get a burning sensation that feels like extremely bad sun burn then the sweating kicks in. It seems to start at 2 a.m. like clock work. Getting back to sleep is almost impossible. I have feelings that things are not real, i get dizzy, pressure in my head, sinus problems, shaking all the time. At night when the burning begins i have the internal shaking from my uterus down my legs, muscle spasms, extreme fatigue and the list goes on and on! My drs have ran test and everything keeps coming back normal. They have tried me on antidepressants which only make me feel worse. The only thing that they have found that helps me just barely get through the day i Ativan and then there are days that it only last a short period of time and im back to shaking again. I havent had a period (if thats what you want to call it) since Jan. 2014. I find my symptoms and anxiety are worse during cyclic times of the month. I also experience ovary pain and lower back pain, numbness in mid back, tingling in my extremities. Oh i could go on forever. Is this really possible to be perimenopause causing this?

    • are you in normal menopause age the reason why I asked is because I’m in early menopause and have the same symptoms my doctor thinks its auto immune disorder such as lupus or fibromyalgia my thyroid level is a 56 a normal level is a 5

      • Yes, i am in normal peri age. I am 54. They have checked my thyroid and say its normal. Also hormone levels a yr ago and say they are normal, but alot has changed since then. The dr. did do blood work for lupus and some other (cant remember the name) all normal. Im so frustrated.

    • I actually AM post menopausal at 39 years old. My doctor’s never really look too much into it like the calls of why I’m going through menopause so young so I ended up in the emergency room and they found out that my tyroid level had plummeted to a 56. I have extreme anxiety I was a agoraphobic for a while. I actually quit my job I don’t want to be around people and I sweat at night. I also feel pressure in my chest and sinuses my face is constantly red across my cheeks I’m not sweating on the outside but on the inside my face feels like its burning up. My doctor seemed to claim it was anxiety. So I asked to be referred to an endocrinologist and I am currently seeking the answers that I have been wanting to know for about 2 years.I could keep going on and on and on about this. Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy. Doctors today usually only see the symptoms and not try to figure out what the underlying cause is. I really hope you find the answers that you need. I also have a lot of pain in my knees and elbows my neck constant headaches blurred vision dizziness etc ect

      • Sounds like my dr. Throw a script at me, but doesnt really investigate the problem and where its coming from.. I also have the pain in knees, elbows and shoulders. Muscle twitching in neck, face and legs. I too have the sinus pressure and sometimes in the chest. I have read that these are symptoms of hormone changes. Everything that i feel are on the symptoms list, but not to take it that is the problem. I need to have these things check to rule out other problems first. Thank you for your reply. Sure does help to know im not alone.

  2. Oh my I had just poured out my heart and it went poof I am sure it was my mistake. Josh thats a shame I ran out of time. I will just say in a nut shell now yes I had so many of your symptoms I needed to go to alternative medicine the regular doctors didnt have a clue. I dont know where you are from I am from Southern Ca and there is my Doc Archer a chinese medicine, acupuncture and homeopathic and this combination not only helped heal my body but my mind and soul. I am indebted to him forever but he was my answer to a very prayerful time in my life.

    Also look up a book from claire weeks Help for your nerves this is a gem of a book a short read and it helped me thru my darkest fears and anxiety along with Doc archers help.

    Hope you get better lil by lil but dont give in to despair or especially the docs just throwing drugs at you that might make it worst I couldnt take most pills only have a small stash of ativan that I only take a fourth on the days I might had had a period and havent had one since Nov. 2010
    God bless and heal you
    Luv the bug

  3. It sounds like it could possibly be symptom of hashimoto’s disease, in which your thyroid gland is under attack. I was diagnosed in 2006 at the age of 43 although i had the symptoms (much similar to yours) starting in late 2005. What tests did the doctors run and would it be possible for you to post them for us (with the reference ranges)? That would really be a tremendous help 😉

  4. I am 44 yrs old and experiencing internal shaking and it is scary. Will these pass and what can I do to not panic?

    • I am experiencing this too! I wake suddenly at night, tremble internally(or vibrating feeling) then get covered in sweat. It usually starts after 4 hours sleep and then repeats over/over again. I’ve been to several doctors (primary, 2 neurologists, endocrinologist, and a counselor) who say it’s anxiety but that’s difficult to believe!! I’m sleeping calmly. It’s this that is causing anxiety. Only thing off with all the blood work was FSH 18 and thyroid on the high normal range (but primary said that was due to stress). Just found this site. Could it be perimenopause?

      Can anyone please offer me some hope, I’m exhausted searching for answers. It’s been every night for 5 months now!

    • I have internal shaking and notice it most upon waking up. It is a vibration feeling and I feel pinging in my arms and legs as if I’m a car and my pistons won’t calm down. My husband says it feels like I’m purring when he hugs me. A massage therapist could feel it a little bit. I hope it passes one day. I’ve been to my general practitioner and a neurologist. My labs (vitamins, thyroid, hormone levels) all look fine.

    • Hello I too get this internal shaking/tremor it’s in my temples, back of neck and jaw. Have you managed to find any answers? My FSH bloods came back with a reading of 70, my periods are iregular and I went through 8 weeks of hot flashes that have subsided for now thank fully. But the tremors cause me great anxiety

  5. post menopause and I still get itchy and crawly skin is that normal

    • I still get itchy/crawling skin from time to time. I think it’s caused, in my case, by some type of sugar substitute but I haven’t narrowed it down yet to the exact type/brand.

      I take Benadryl at night and that helps me sleep itch-free.

      Best of luck to you!

  6. What is a good replacement estrogen that is not dr prescribed? I tried the one from Metigenetics called Estrovera and it wouldn’t break down in the digestive system; I saw it often in whole in my stools many times.

  7. Forget diets, change your lifestyle. Over the years my weight fluctuated somewhat but I was always able to drop the extra pounds easily. However, when I turned 50 and menopause hit, I really struggled to lose weight. Cutting out all processed foods, as well as sugar and flour has been key for me. On a friend’s recommendation I bought this Paleo Cookbook to keep meals interesting. Within two weeks my clothes were looser, I had more energy and my mental focus was sharper. With 2 kids still at home and working full-time this has been a good way to transition to a healthier diet. It is full of a variety of recipes that my family enjoys and has made it easy to stick with this new life style. This diet has also helped my 17-year old daughter who suffers from depression. Getting all the processed junk out of our diet has been life changing. is another good resource for anyone who wants to learn about the science behind diet and depression. I try and incorporate as many organic fruits and veggies as possible and stick to organic and grass fed meats. The benefits for our bodies and our planet far outweigh the cost.

  8. What kind of doctor would you suggest seeing for him hormone issues? I’m not sure I have hormone problems but after reading your article on menopause, I feel like I may be closer to figuring out what’s wrong with me.

    A quick timeline (including issues that may or may not be related):
    May 2015 – back pain, stupid unbelievable back pain. X-rays and an MRI reveal structurally, my back is fine. Also, Short periods (I’m on bc but have always had 5-6 day periods. Now it’s 2-3 and really light), super low libido, dryness.
    August 2015 – super fatigued and “fuzzy” brain, as I call it.
    September 10, 2015- migraine with an auro (never been a headache person). I got the aura on 9/10, 9/11, 9/12 and 9/16.
    September 23, 2015 – woke up feeling like I was vibrating internally. Also had a burning sensation on my arms and neck.
    September 24, 2015 – admitted to the hospital. Stroke, tumor and ms were all ruled out and they diagnosed me with atypical migraines. I was put on Pamelor.
    October 11, 2015 – internal vibrating returned but not as bad and I woke up in a pool of sweat at 2am in a room that’s as cold as an icebox.

    My internist and neurologist refuse to consider the migraines (which started all this) as a symptom and not the main issue.

    Any help pointing me in the direction of a type of specialist would be helpful.

  9. I have internal shaking all the time, weight gain, sweating, depression, and I’m tired all the time. This all started in December when I turned 50. It’s terrible, I have a normal period except I was spotting in the middle of my cycle this month. Has this happened to anyone else?

  10. I have the internal shaking, comes and goes, and the internal buzzing/vibration in my neck for lack of a better explanation within the last month or so, I am 55 years old. It comes and goes, I guess I have to get use to the new me.

  11. Running across this website is a revelation for me. I am 45 and I have had a host of issues that have severely impacted my life. They started when I was 42 during a stressful time and I have had no idea what could be causing them until now! (Doctors chalk all symptoms up to anxiety.) The biggest relief, oddly, is finding that there are other people that wake up with the internal trembling/shaking feeling. I had no idea what that was, but the psych hears “shaking” and assumes “frightened.” It’s not like that at all. I am so hopeful that this may be an actual explanation for that. I also have experienced hot flashes, night sweats, painful intercourse, fatigue, brain fog, heart palpitations, odd new tendency to get fungal infections, waking up during the night, increased general anxiety, and several changes to my ability to tolerate foods– stomach aches, acid reflux, and a milk sensitivity that came out of no where. I have also developed intermittent tingling (neuropathy) in my feet and legs which I am currently being checked for possible vitamin D deficiency bc of that but it sounds like it might be hormonal now too. The list seems to go on and on.

    I am disappointed to see the message boards are closed here. Is there anyplace else someone could point me to connect with and read of women coping with these symptoms, especially the internal shaking one?

    • Thea, you’ve responded to an old post. The message boards are still available and I hope you can join us 🙂

    • Hi. Just came across your message and on the off chance you read this, how are you getting on now? Your symptoms sound very much like mine – in terms of the internal tremors and weird sensations in my legs and feet. I’m 53 but not experiencing any stereotypical menopausal symptoms. The tremors wake me up and despite the fact that I’m lying down, I feel as if I might fall over and have to put my hand on the bed; the feelings seems to radiate from my neck through my body – it’s unpleasant and frightening. During the day, I get popping sensations in my legs and sometimes arms that feel as if I have popping candy in my veins; sometimes it feels as if an individual ‘pop’ might make my leg explode. I also get twitches (my eyeballs, internally in my abdomen etc.) When it was particularly bad I had trouble gripping with my right hand. My dr felt it could be something neurological but we started with basic blood tests (diabetes, iron etc.); when tests came back that I had extremely (off the scale) low vitamin D levels we went down that route first with industrial strength supplements. The symptoms eased off for a while but it’s back with a vengeance now. With the Covid19 lockdown scenario I’ve only managed a couple of phone consultations where I end up agreeing with the dr to see how things go (probably reluctant to have people in the surgery). To be honest because it’s there all the time now it’s become kind of normal but I it’s still a bit sickening without being painful. To be honest, I’d kind of come to terms with it probably being something serious (like MS) but given how similar my symptoms are to yours, I would be glad if it is hormonally related. (Ps: with the exception of ongoing back problems, I’ve always been healthy and have hardly ever even been to a doctor before). Thanks

      • Hi, if youre low in vit d there’s a good chance your low in vit b12 and having neuro symptoms eg your grip, you may need b12 injections. Recommend the Facebook group called b12 wake up. I’m vit d and b12 deficient, have problems with my gut and have thyroid symptoms despite being in clinical range. Stop the thyroid madness is a book worth seeking as well. The more I read the more I think it’s all perimenopause related.

      • Hi , my name is Lisa , I’ve been woken up
        On and off over the last couple of years to internal shaking /trembling , now it’s worse than ever , radiates from my neck down to my arms , legs , even my abdomen ! It’s frightening, my FSH blood test nearly 2 years ago confirmed I was in Perimenopause, due to these symptoms getting worse over the last couple of weeks , I’ve had 2 lots of blood test done , one in June which says my Pottassium was raised so just had more blood work to check it again and I asked for my hormones to be checked again too , plus other things , I have what feels like a heart skipped beat, a beating sensation pulse through the back of my neck and abdomen , it’s so weird , I had a ecg Friday so waiting for all results to come back now, I’ve had an awful weekend with the internal shaking /trembling I too was woken with it early this morning, then my mind goes into overthinking it’s something serious , which is a viscous circle ⭕️ when I mention my symptoms I’m told it’s from a stressful 6 months I’ve had but I know it’s not as I’ve had these things before the stress but they have got worse , my husband says don’t suffer go get HRT but I don’t want to due to side effects , blood clots, stroke, breast cancer , how are you now ? X

  12. Thank you!!! Very helpful !!

  13. Is this the forum for internal tremors?

  14. Is this the internal tremor forum?

  15. what about heart palps are they a problem for anyone else and crazy BP up an down?

  16. Mary O. I just came across this board. I too am suffering from internal shakes and burning skin at night. I have no appetite and nauseated all the time. I’ve had blood work done, urine and thyroid checked. Everything is fine on that end. Please tell me if you got relief from your symptoms? If so, what did you do to get relief. I am so very desperate.

    • Hi Mina,

      I have the same symptoms as you! No appetite and nausea…how are you getting through this? I’ve lost so much weight and the jitters are horrible!

  17. Mina66- There is a new powersurge site at and a private facebook group called “Power-Surge, For Women Going Perimenopause and Menopause”. I find the FB site more active with members. The facebook page is private so you will need to send a request to “join”. Once you are a part of the group your current friends cannot see what you post there. Likewise the private group members cannot see anything about you other than what is public. The group is separate and not automatically your “friends” on FB.

    Many of us have had your symptoms too. You’re not alone. You can message me if you want more information.

  18. Dear Wisconsin, thanks for reaching out. I will check out the FB page. How can I email you? I was told that the bio identical hormones are probably best or safest in terms of hormones. Any response would be greatly appreciated. I am in desperate need my quality of life is slowly diminishing.

  19. Myrnalourdes You can message me directly on the new Power surge site (there is a message option) or on FB Power-Surge private group.

  20. I’m so sorry. I tried replying on the vision board and it keeps saying not allowed to enter this chat. If you’d like can we chat by email?

  21. Okay Myrnalourdes. I will email you directly. For anyone else you reads this that also has problems you can message Mary O. She’s the admin for this site. Also, the Facebook Group is much more active then the Power Surge site. Within Facebook, Go to search and type in Power-Surge and you will be able to request to join this private group. 🙂

  22. The Internal Shaking link does not work

  23. I am 70 and occasionally have very mild hot flashes that don’t last very long is that normal at my age?

  24. I get electric shock feelings on legs, tummy, arms. Usually when I’m having a flush or finished a flush sometimes just out the blue. Also get very prickly skin. Even clothes uncomfortable to wear.

  25. Your name and signature are not showing up here at all, just the comment. You may see them but no one else does.

  26. I am SO in need of this site/support!!!! Goodness, yes!
    49….thought I was going mad. Convinced I had ALS…been a nightmare. Clean bill of health and no period in 4 months brings me here!!

    • @ ALS, Me too! Muscle aches, twitches, super high anxiety – borderline attacks which bring on trouble breathing, on and off periods, crying randomly… I seriously feel like I’m going crazy at times. My GYN and primary ran tests, everything comes back normal levels BUT my GYN did say that from the bloodwork she ordered she confirmed I was in perimenopause. That with the combination of all the stresses that came with COVID have me high strung. I am going to try my best to manage my symptoms with diet and exercise first… I will say that it’s been a year of having these symptoms come and go AND it has been a really scary experience but finding this forum has provided relief. I felt so alone before finding this PS message board.

      • Did you experience internal vibrations? I feel like I’m stuck on vibrating mode. It is horrible! It’s all internal. I’m 38 and started menstruating very early, age 9. I thought I may be in perimenopause before but just brushed it off.
        Lately, my cycles are shorter, I’ve had emotional/anxiety/anger & rage epsidoes over the past couple of months. And now the internal vibrations. Driving me crazy. And I have small children. It’s a trying time. My Mom had an early hysterectomy and my Grandmom is deceased. So I really appreciate and need the support of other women who understand. I have more bloodwork this week and I’m hoping it’s all clear. But I’ll still have this horrible internal shaking. Thanks for listening.

        Young Perimenopause Symptoms
      • Yes I do. I was 37 when I had my twin girls. I’m 43 now and went from post-partum issues to perimenopause in those 5 years. I felt like I was going crazy, mentally and physically. And as if that wasn’t enough, 2020 decided to pile on the worries of an election and pandemic. It’s been brutal, but I will say that you’re doing the right thing in getting yourself checked out. I have since been practicing mindful exercises – meditating has been a HUGE help for me. I have also been eating less processed foods – pasta, bread, etc. I also started to take magnesium supplements which I feel helped a great deal. I feel like this month, my symptoms were much more manageable. For a while I thought I was alone in this – reading many of the posts on this message board definitely helped with my anxiety.

  27. Waking up in the middle of the night every two hours, sweaty, hot and tingly (almost electrical feeling) all over…..with all the technological advances we have, they can’t find a way to regulate internal temperature without the risk of getting cancer? It’s absurd.

  28. The only thing that has helped me, is treating many of the symptoms as anxiety which has been triggered by the menopause. Trying to relax doesn’t work! If anything it makes it worse, because it’s known as the paradoxical effect. It’s like trying to sleep when you don’t feel tired. Practising Mindful exercises really helps, as you are noticing what is happening in your body and mind and learning not to judge it. If you can learn to accept the symptoms will usually die down, although this will take time. Quite a long time in my case. Also try to normalise your routine and don’t give in to the inner voice of negativity, which will also disappear in time.

  29. Does anyone remember Pete the compounding pharmacist that was a consultant. I think he was from Bellevue Pharmacy Iin Washington ..

  30. New here

  31. Hi there. I was wondering if anyone on here has had symptoms of muscle spasm around the eye and cheek area. I wake up feeling hungover and it feels like my whole face is super tight. I have had every test under dear the sun, and I’m am a total loss as to what it can be. I’ve had CT scans, MRI every blood test imaginable. I feel like I might have something more sinister and at times fear for my life because no one can tell what’s wrong. I am on HRT , which really helps with the hot flashes and general menopause feelings. I am just at my wits end and often find myself crying on my floor from the lack of answers. This has been going on for about a year and a half. And I truly feel so alone.

  32. I am really sorry to hear about the issues which you are going through. during perimenopause, you can develop some of all of these symptoms. However, it depends on several factors. During my perimenopause phase, I was using some great natural remedies which were full of the goodness of Ayurveda and most of my symptoms were gone. I followed and I am sure there are many websites and books you can refer to.

  33. I began twice weekly estradiol cream for vaginal atrophy. I have used it for 3 weeks. Last week I developed vaginal itching and burning and redness. There has also been a white discharge since usage. Is this a common side effect? Will it subside on its own?

  34. Is there a preferred brand of vitamin recommended for women just entering perimenapause?

  35. Hi there I’m not in Facebook so is there anyway I can join please

    Janette Devanney

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