The Power Surge Boards Will be Updated Soon!   1 comment

The Power Surge boards are very behind in software updates.  They are version 3.4.8 and the current board version should be 4.2.5.

I always hesitate to update the boards again because it will mean the boards are down for a day or so and we’ll need a new skin, which always seems to throw people off.

I’ve tried optimizing the database tables that hold the posts but that didn’t help

I’ll keep members apprised of the updates here and on the Facebook PS group.

As of right now, we’re paid through the end of this year, thanks to kind donors.

Posted October 24, 2017 by MaryO in Message Boards, Website

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One response to “The Power Surge Boards Will be Updated Soon!

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  1. The upgrade is happening now. Hopefully, it won’t take too long. When it comes back, there will be a new look, or “skin”.

    I have this upgrade on another of my boards – there are lots of new features, but I’m sure that there will be questions, like there always are when there are changes.

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